Du 7 au 11 juillet 2012 à Notre-Dame-des-Landes - France - dans le cadre du Forum Social Mondial

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mardi 15 mai 2012

Call for participation

Several forms of participation are possible:

1 – Relaying information concerning the event within your organizations and your networks: it’s the first form of participation we are asking of you. It is essential given the fact that we’re late in preparing the event, as we have mentioned above, due to our mobilization.
2 – Attending the event (entirely or partially): please use the inscription form (of your organization, collective...) to sign up for the Forum;
3 – Active participation (organization of debates, workshops, presentations of speakers...); please let us know your proposals as soon as possible. It’s urgent!
  • either by integrating them in themes which we already defined (this is preferable). If this is the case and if different proposals are similar, we will probably ask you to connect with those organizations which elaborated them with you.
  • Or in an autonomous way, in which case the Piloting Committee will examine the possibilities of integrating them. Once again, it will be easier to integrate them in the programme if we receive them rapidly.
  • The co-signature of different documents presented by the International Piloting Committee of the World Social Forum’s Charter of Principles
Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum


Means of Financing

Our principle is, on all levels, ‘give what you can’ (with the cost price indicated for information).
For organizations
We are soliciting a financial contribution (the amount of your choice) from your collective/organization to help us cover the costs of the event, in particular the costs of using the premises, the equipment and so forth.
If you would like to dispose of a stand for your organization, it is obligatory to reserve it for an amount of 50 euros, payable by cheque. We would kindly ask you to send your payment in as soon as possible. We’ll be receiving many requests and we will probably not be able to honour all of them at the last minute.
Also, please indicate the number (even it’s approximate) of members of your delegation, as well as request for accommodation, should the case may be (camping, billeting in activists’ homes). Requests will be processed upon reception of your inscription.
Organizations shall assume the transport costs for their members.
For individuals
An individual financial contribution (daily or global - 'give what you can') will also be requested, including concerts, animations…, destined to help us cover the costs. A contribution (once again, 'give what you can') is also requested for providing the simultaneous translation material, the rental of which is extremely expensive.

Documents to fill out

  • An inscription form (organizations).
  • An  information sheet which we ask each organization to fill out carefully so that we can get to know them. In the framework of our convergence approach, this sheet is destined to fulfil our objective of enumerating struggles. It should especially enable us to make available all those elements which are indispensable for exchanges: precise designation, objectives, addresses of sites and e-mail contacts. We kindly ask you to fill out this information in detail, as well as consecrating a little time to other elements (history…). We propose to put your presentation on the forum’s website.

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