Du 7 au 11 juillet 2012 à Notre-Dame-des-Landes - France - dans le cadre du Forum Social Mondial

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mercredi 17 janvier 2018

Joint communiqué of the anti-airport movement, following the decision of the government- Wednesday 17th January, 2018.

Today the Government has at long last announced that the airport project at Notre-Dame des Landes has been abandoned.

We note that the DUP, or Declaration of Public Utility, will officially no longer be extended. The project will therefore become totally null and void on 8th February.

It is a historic victory over a destructive planning development, made possible thanks to a long movement of determined and varied action.

Today we wish, first and foremost, to warmly thank all those who have taken part in the fight against this airport project over the last 50 years.

As regards the Zad (Defence Zone), the whole movement declares from now on that:

  • the expropriated farmers and inhabitants need to recover their rights as quickly as possible;
  • all those who came these last few years to live on the land and defend it and who wish to stay and take care of it must not be expelled;
  • the land should be cared for by the movement in all its diversity -farmers, naturalists, locals, associations, old and new residents.

In order to achieve this, we need a freeze period before the land is institutionnally redistributed. In the future, this territory should remain a space for a social, environmental and agricultural experiment.

Regarding the question of the reopening of the road D281, closed by the authorities in 2013, the movement undertakes to respond to it itself. Police presence or intervention would only make the situation worse.

On this memorable day, we also wish to send a strong message of solidarity to all the other struggles being waged against mega destructive projects and for protecting threatened territory.

This is a call to you all to converge in large nimbers on the ZAD on 10th February to celebrate the end of the airport project and to continue building the future of the land.

Anti-airport Movement
ACIPA, Coordination des opposants, COPAIn 44, Naturalistes en lutte, Les habitant.e.s de la zad

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